Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Sidekick - A Magpie Tale

Created by Pablo Picasso, 1936, and identified as
"Faun, Horse and Bird",
Offered as a writing prompt by Tess Kincaid on The Mag 160

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The Sidekick

Stand in the Spanish
sun without your dark dark shades
this time, and without
guile please while you work
your wishful wiles on us all
and I will sing your
draft into being once
again despite all civil
wars fought over what
is true and or right,
what to do with the public
purse, in the public

March 17, 2013 9:15 AM


  1. excellent take on Picasso's painting.

  2. I like your approach. Thanks.
    Wishful- or- wistful? I said it that way the second time. : )

  3. I try to hide my purse in the public! Ha! Ha! I enjoyed your thoughts on this ! Nice!

  4. a nice take on painting....thanks for sharing

  5. I really like the brush with which you paint your words. The strokes are short...intentional, and the emotional palette is saturated.

  6. Excellent...I could see Picasso taking off his sunglasses and squinting...


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