Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Foreigner - A Magpie Tale

Not to be Reproduced, 1937 by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte
offered by Tess Kincaid as a writing prompt on The Mag: Mag 161

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The Foreigner

Then we murdered him
and his official faceless
condition was cause
enough. Prison showed
up in his past. His tattoos
were initially
covered by long sleeves.
We struck him from close behind
just as he had led
with his soul into
the mirror, a startling skill
in one we found so
nondescript, even
so freaking anonymous.
I've these bad goose bumps
and hope you will rid
us of all those brass horned geese
making so much noise.

What the hell is that
book he left behind?
I tried to make it out...can't.
Where's the translator?

March 24, 2013 9:32 AM


  1. just as he had led
    with his soul into
    the mirror, a startling skill

    That's brilliant, if you don't mind my saying so!

  2. His official faceless condition...

    So many of your words are strung together like pearls. I could not pluck each from the sea and create a necklace with such perfect graduation. I look at my poetry wall and see two of my favorite poems there. As they yellow with age, they become more and more my skin.

    1. You are too kind, I think.

      By the way, you might hold Wander in the light if you can. He is struggling just now.

    2. I do, and will. We all struggle, though our foe different...battle is battle. This is our foxhole and I'm back to back with all of you in it.

      And I'm not too kind :)

  3. Chris, this is the best poem of yours I have ever read...thank you my friend


    1. You are quite welcome though I am not sure why...I don't think this is the best poem but I do think it is journeyman work.

  4. Chris I wish I could place words as you have, maybe in time.
    We struck him from close behind just as he had led with his soul into
    the mirror..... I am in awe of how you have written this, truly well done, thank you.

    1. Wow. Again, not impatiently, but with a minor disturbance in my soul...this poem of mine seems to me journeyman work. I thank you for your opinion but I will keep my own opinion active in hopes of what I perceive as needed increases in skill and insight. I doubt I am anywhere near a resting spot in something one might call "master of the art".

  5. Oh I dread those faceless conditions- poor soul as he- but jolly good he didn't read that book of Poe- he needs brightly words of cheer- don't you think!!!

    1. :D


      Magritte's work is often twisted toward darkness for me. I have never been sure if that twist is in the work or in me. Come to think of it, most of the overt surreal art as practiced by the masters of it seems darker than bright.

  6. I read it twice.
    Just because I liked it.



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