Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking The Risk - 3WW

Thom writes:
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This week's words:

Dignity; Lacerate; Ripe

Taking The Risk With The Lion
(on finding him at my door offering me a bag of cookies)

Yes, you are my big
cat, yes you are! Look at you!
Gonna give you some
good scritching behind
your ears. Let go the cookies
now, let go. I will
keep your dignity
for you and give it back as
you need it. And you!
You won't lacerate
my face. I know you promise
this. The time is ripe
for that, probably,
and for the relationship
we'll make between us.

October 3, 2012 9:22 AM


  1. Cool pic to go with your poem. I enjoyed that, but I'm not sure I trust that smiling face! :D

  2. Sweet but with a deeper meaning of something looking that good has imminent danger attached to it.

    1. Is that always true? I know I have had experiences where that was the outcome. If it feels this good there is something wrong. I had a love affair that was so good I couldn't say no but I knew and said aloud, "This is really going to hurt!" Was I ever right! Would I do it again. Oh you bet.

  3. You may have to change the photo on your blog, I don't think he wants to let go.

    1. Ummm - not unlike the other day dancing with the gorilla and realizing I'm not done dancing until the gorilla is done.

  4. The lion offered
    Me a bag of cookies
    I took them without a thought
    the lion smiled
    To be in my company again
    I then bit my face off
    while the lion looked
    at me thunderstruck
    I guess I
    Was the dangerous one

    Chris McQueeney 10/4/12

    1. A remarkable momment in a remarkable situation.

    2. I think I'd run a mile if a lion turned up on my doorstep ;)


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