Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have We Met Before?

Siddhartha said someone who brushes
against you in the street has
shared an experience
with you for five
- Mary Ruefle
from Talking to Strangers
found on Whiskey River

A reincarnation poem...

Have We Met Before?

Here again, just like
last time, over my head in
these complications
and just like last time
you have touched me rather wild
and I have tumbled
into thinking this
has happened so many times
flash life after life
across the inner
screen of my old shredded threads
wanting you to stay.

October 16, 2012 2:17 PM


  1. Oh Gawd. I so sincerely hope reincarnation is NOT true and therefore I do not believe in it. Please don't make me haul these unresolved conflicts and relationships into another lifespan!

  2. lol. I get it. The situation probably is quite independent of your belief, I hate to say. The question isn't really, hasn't ever been if you believe or not... it's what God believes :D

    Me, I have the exact same sense of belief. It is up to me to take the risk of it. I am free to believe whatever floats my boat. The consequences will be all mine no matter what I choose.

    As for reincarnation I can only say this, everything I have ever learned about it, it would be insane to find it anything but distasteful except for one point - there is no other way to reconcile the manifestation on the world plane a perfect reflection of God's infinite mercy and justice in the fullness of time. Any other frame of reference has one or the other skew the picture intolerably. Without reincarnation, basically everyone will get either more mercy than deserved or more consequences than deserved. It is just the nature of this place that say a hundred years at the outside is not enough time to achieve the correct measures of both.

    I know... amazing arrogance on my part. But wait. Not believing in reincarnation is amazing arrogance too :D

    1. Oh wait... who said only this world as a destination of life after life, or this form? In fact, as I understand it, the mainstream of reincarnation believers have this form and place as a remarkable one on the big screen, for it is here as humans and here alone that conditions are right to ESCAPE (with lots of spiritual work) the wheel of rebirth. Elsewhere, both lower down and higher up, conditions change according to merit but the escape gate is unavailable. Eventually, as I understand it, the overall tendency is improvement in a gradual way and all sentient beings are in the immensely large long haul due to reach the end of the turning wheel. We ALL go to heaven, so to speak, in some unimaginably distant future. Bodhisattva works to hurry that whole thing up, the only ideal worth a shit.


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