Sunday, May 13, 2012

Still Life

Paul Gauguin
Le repas
en 1891

Still Life

Mom set the table
with a knife edge between us
when the dead returned
with off color fruit,
one half eaten, that chewed up
piece you left behind,
while Dad sat outside
as was his new found habit.
It's all a damn fake!
That's what I muttered
down low as I looked askance
at all the children.

May 13, 2012 9:19 AM

Written for The Mag *click here*


  1. even the children know when it is all fake...esp in light of dad's new habit...that was the give away to me...

  2. Of course they do...children are very wise.....! Nicely written, thanks!

  3. You picked up on the feelings created by the 'fake' perspective and colours in this painting - to perfection! Well done.

  4. I like this. The best line, imho, is, "Dad sat outside, as was his new found habit.

    That alone says alot.

  5. I enjoyed your title because even still, it is life although maybe it isn't. Interesting take, Christopher. Thank you for sharing. =D


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