Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small Stone #5

Life After Life

Once we were soldiers
in combat. You killed me then.
I will forgive you
in some longer life.


  1. Brilliantly simple and straightforward. There's quite a bit lurking under the surface, too.

  2. Hi Joseph. This is the part I like best of a poem I posted some time ago, slightly modified to be the sole subject here. You are right about stuff lurking under the surface, like a whole reincarnation thing.

    Many people hold the view that we incarnate with a group, over and over and ultimately hold every possible relational position with at least one other person. This means not only husband and wife or brother and brother, etc but also predator and prey, and soldier and soldier and whatever.

    My mother and I shared (she is no longer on the planet in that role) the opinion that only reincarnation allows for Divine Justice to work out on the planet. As such reincarnation is a theological best guess as to what's really going on and that's how I hold that opinion.

    I will happily change my opinion as soon as someone actually demonstrates another scenario. Until then, I will take reincarnation seriously but somewhat tentatively.

  3. Christopher, would you send me a copy of the whole poem?

  4. The whole poem had a bunch of stuff in it not really related, but no, what I did was scan through hard copy and remember this passage when I came across it. That gave me the title and I could locate it. But I just did the same thing and couldn't find the poem. I don't remember what I called it. You are welcome to come look for it yourself... there's only 1500 poems to look through... :D

  5. Or of course you can look online through the archives... the poem is certainly there and not too far back as I recall.


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