Monday, January 23, 2012

Small Stone #21

Reminded Of John

I'm not the only
dreamer, the world as one world,
true love at the door
a stash of warm guns
puffing happy rings of smoke.


For me the Beatles were one. John solo, Paul solo, George solo, Ringo... Even with new bands, they did not measure up to the sheer amazing genius they handed to me personally in their psychedelic years. But then I like complexity far too much, perhaps.

Bluegrass blows me away too.

However, when John was killed my heart broke in a unique way, proving how he bonded me to him in his soul and his success - and I couldn't hate his killer. I understood how John could make people crazy let alone abet pre-existing insanity.


  1. Christopher Rockey Racoon has the power to make me cry...not because of who sang it first but because who sang it to me...but like anything, without the first there couldnt be a last.

  2. OK Christo, besides the fact that I hear barely audible ghost bluegrass every damn morning around 5am (when I only got to bed a couple of hours previously) just what the hell does pre-existing mean and WTF does that have to do with a revenge movie clip where both people end up dying?

    micmac paddy wack industrial meat grinders pulverize bones, and pigs will eat anything if it's cut into small enough pieces (but not finger nails and teeth...I mean, that's what I've heard...I wouldn't know to remove teeth and finger nails)

  3. Such a conundrum - world peace and "warm guns puffing happy rings of smoke" - LOL.

    I grew up with the Beatles and their striking influence (good and bad) too - anarchy, drugs, questioning, cynicism too early and a lesson too late for the learning...(strike that last one - that was the Dylan). They added a richness as well as a poverty to our generation's lives.

    Yes, we were a generation odder than most, IMO, in our own special way. And those who've survived it know it now as much as then - eyes wide open. Did they do that to us? :)

  4. Wander, There was magic and it spread. That's exactly the point, why the Beatles were more together than the sum of the members, even more than anyone understands even now, and I mean anyone.

    Who, some of us were insane before the Beatles or John and they had little to do with that. That's what pre-existing means to me in this context. It can mean other things I suppose, just as the Beatles had no idea what was happening either. They just went for a ride.

    Catfish, some of us saw little bad in the Beatles but a great deal of confusion brought to the party by those who crashed it. As with everything spiritual, it turns out that few are actually invited but that many come anyway. The boys from Liverpool were pretty clean cut compared to many of the rockers trying to cash in at that time, and way clean cut compared to the industry now.

  5. LOL, I know Chris, I was trying to be funny but what I was referencing was so obscure only one other person could possibly understand it. And the part about teeth and finger nails isn't funny at all. Luckily though it is not the first time something foolish has come out of my mouth.

    thanks for being understanding about it Chris,



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