Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Stone #19

Surviving The Black Death

To my knees, my grace
fallen into erosions
left by bugs beneath
the gripe of my crackled voice.


I have been unable to do much other than keep myself fed and clean for most of a week. I am climbing out of the pit now.


  1. is this of your body? the body takes dominance, doesn't it, over the mind and soul? how obvious it seems when we are ill unable to rise above it. how grateful we should be for these bodies.

    wishing you healing))


  2. yes, dear, of my body. What used to be a three day flu is now a three week ordeal or so. I have hit the turning point and know the force driving me into the dirt is no longer active but I am left with severe aftermath, barely able to be out of bed and am back to work because I must. What is most unsettling, I did not get cabin fever, simply went to bed and basically stayed there without much complaint.

    I no longer have a hale life. I am a little ill all the time, you know. This is called heart disease and complications.


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