Monday, January 2, 2012

The Morning After

The River, Marina Moevs, 2005
The photo courtesy Tess at Magie Tales

The Morning After

I'm a lucky man.
What a ride. The hangover
is huge and my bed's
a wreck and I hate
climbing over wrack and goo
to get out of there
after the downstream
tumble but the water's gone
down and I'm still here,
proving one more time
that God loves sloppy old drunks
and worn out old fools.

January 2, 2012 8:39 AM

Written for Magpie Tales *click here*


  1. Sounds like some party, glad you made it back.

  2. what a ride indeed..great magpie!!

  3. stay where you are,
    be hopeful.

    a well fine tuned statement, well done.

  4. This made me laugh out loud! The character described seems to have a certain joie de vivre and an open-hearted relationship with his God!

  5. You can't beat an exciting downstream tumble...

  6. Super Magpie!
    Made me wish I'd been at the party!

  7. for sure you did have a wonderful drinking to the max party! :-)


  8. He sure does! Sounds like you had an excellent New Year's bash :)

  9. Well there was a party but I actually went home early and nobody was drinking...there was lots of dancing and food to eat and a couple hundred people and the children had a pinata and the adults had a raffle too. The DJ had a professional sound system and the only thing wrong with it was not enough parking really. The nearly eight hundred bucks profit will be aimed at some future dance.

    This is just a story. My health wouldn't let anything like this happen. I wouldn't survive it. But let me tell you about the Fillmore West in San Francisco back in the day... :D

  10. Thank God for his generousness! ;P

  11. and thank goodness for that eh? smiles....nice take...

  12. Beautifully ironic and self-deprecating! Well done.

  13. God loves everyone including "sloppy old drunks"....thanks for sharing..

  14. Perhaps He does. He seems to have favorites though, not always a good thing, to be God's favorite...

    The Jews claim to be the chosen ones and look at their history...

    I played on the phrase, "God loves drunks and fools" which is explanatory to the way they should just die at any moment and don't, time after time. They seem to get chance after chance to do it differently even though they usually don't. This is a phrase internal to the drunken experience especially, where astonishing things happen for very little apparent reason. Many drunks understand this situation and puzzle over the "forgiveness of God" in it.


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