Friday, June 19, 2009

You Explain Fate, Lost Truth

I just keep getting into these odd relationship predicaments...

You Explain Fate

Love's black butterflies
As seen through my eyes, they fly
In a dark tangle
Around your sweet face
As you try to explain fate
To me, and I sit
On my own thin ice
As I try to understand
What you just now said.

January 17, 2009 11:06 PM


It seems a while ago that I first posted about my house gremlins. Here they are again. About that phone. I lost my cel phone in only the way that I can. Gremlins, damn it! I knew it wasn't lost, not really. I often have my ringer turned off, or did in those days. So even though I still have a land line, I could not call the phone I knew was in the house. When something gets that thoroughly lost I often get uncertain, think maybe it is really lost, but also I need my phone. So I bought one. Not more than a week later, right beside the head of my bed on my side, in plain sight, there is my original phone. Damn gremlins. I can't understand how I could have missed that phone lying there for a week. The only solution, it wasn't there. No one my size lives in or visits this house. My cat takes no notice of phones for any reason. So I only stretched the time a little to make myself look less like a phone addict.

Lost Truth

So the old wallet
Is stuffed so full of paper
That I can't find it,
The truth I put there
Yesterday for just this time,
Just this perfect place.

But damn. There it is.
The truth is lost like my phone
Was for a long month
(I claim it's gremlins)
While I needed to make calls
And had to buy one.

January 17, 2009 2:26 PM


  1. Yeah...I'm a bit that way myself.


  2. I am so sorry. It is no doubt the fault of my particular strain of gremlins...

  3. Nah, I have my own gremlins :)

    I love the first poem too Christopher but got interrupted earlier before I could finish commenting.


  4. I love the imagery in the first poem. What we don't do for love. Somehow I see you both in underwear on bed trying to sort it through. Or perhaps that is me with mine sorting it all through.

    I don't have gremlins but I do marvel at how things disappear and reappear. Some might even call the reappearance miracles. Something else to talk about on that bed.

  5. I was wondering where these gremlins came from...

  6. I wonder, Michelle if there is any cross cultural fertilization between Australian and American gremlins, sharing of tricks, as it were.

    Erin, I must confess you have run across the difference between a family house and a couple house. There was never a reason to stay in the bedroom for the complex discussions, or even for sex for that matter, in our house. We had no one in the house but us, except for the rare visitor.

    And that's why I think Gremlins, or some other living agent involved, because otherwise both the disappearances and the reappearances are freakin miracles, plainly not my fault, and I have grown up enough to no longer think they are YOUR fault! Gremlins, QED.

    Piratdred, you might entertain the idea that Michelle's gremlins have shown interest in expansion to your neck of the woods, since she has confessed she has them too. I have checked with mine and they deny any knowledge of you. Of course they deny everything.

  7. I had to giggle in both poems. The second because THEY ARE REAL, and the first because I've been that person you were talking to, so I had to smirk there in that one.

    Yeah, I'll be deleting that current post as soon as I'm sure he's seen it. I'm checking my statcounter for his IP address...

    But for tonight, I'm going dancing and I'm not going to be giving it much thought.

  8. No, Cat, I am sure it wasn't you I was talking to...oh I get it.

    Of course they are real. And I would be in real trouble if they thought I thought they aren't. You know that phrase "payback is a *expletive*"? That's about them when they think I might not be taking them seriously. I would never do that.

  9. Fifinella

    Fifinella was the official mascot for the Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II. The female gremlin was designed by Walt Disney, who gave them rights to the cartoon character. (U.S. Air Force photo)

  10. Ghost, my gremlins look nothing like that, nor like the gremlins in the movie of late either. And they are much smaller, but pretty strong for their size. Actually they don't bathe that often and they sort of stink too, especially because they use lots of something like garlic.

  11. Oh I don't know, I'd say a gremlin is a gremlin is a gremlin, you know :)

  12. The image of the butterflies, I love that one. Distracting, aren't they? I get them in my ears too, buzzing sometimes.

  13. I suppose living magically has to have its downsides...

  14. Heh. Lucy, where ever you go, there you are.

    Living magically is still you living. That's where the "downside" is!

    Did you think that would change too??


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