Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whatever, Regret

Here's a little slice of life. You don't believe in dragons these days? How about very small ones?


There was this dragon
I knew once who said the girls
Are the truth of it.
Being a guy I went
Off to puzzle that, to find
The truth, and it's what
The dragon said, girls
Are the truth of it. Guys have
Shit for brains often.

But then it turned out
Not all girls are true to life,
Not all dragons too,
And some guys have heart
And know what to do with it.
That's just what it is.

January 17, 2009 10:18 PM


I remember this from when I was in it.


I am too heavy.
I try to lift feet, or arms,
Even blinking hurts.
I am too heavy.
Turtle slow or molasses,
I can't move today.
I remember you,
But also the hole in me
You left departing.

January 18, 2009 10:57 AM


  1. I know that hole you are talking about. Sometimes I think that there is no bottom.


  2. Oh god Christopher.....yeah, and one of my favourite explanations now
    is "it just is".....:)

    So, didn't you just love learning about codependency.....I found that a real thrill myself (*tongue firmly in cheek*)


  3. I actually got these (I think) on the first read. Hope that's a good thing. I really liked the first one a lot. ~rick

  4. Piratedred, there is no bottom to the hole. It is God-sized, and of course God is endless.

    Michelle, when my marriage ended, part of the process put me in codependency treatment. We had an angel in those days. The last $10,000 alcohol treatment option Ann had was funded by this guy and that let us use the last of our dwindling funds for me to be in this outpatient course of treatment for a few grand. I learned some things but it didn't help save the marriage.

    What helped me most in those days, married to a flame out hope to die drunk was my involvement with Alanon. There is nothing funny about this shit, but there is of course the pressure relief of the alcholic and jailhouse humor while in it. And I do mean shit.

    Rick, I am puzzled when people have to work to get my stuff. This happens in my daily life as much as in my poetry so I am really used to it. I am grateful when people get what I do on the first read.

    Of course in this case, it just means there is unity in the more than enough confusion and pain to go around.

    There is no gravity around here, it is just that the planet sucks. Oh wait, yeah...I am so happy and grateful and joyous and free. I'll work on that.

  5. Believing

    You said they weren't real,
    those winged-scaled-figments of our
    hyperactive imaginations

    then I saw
    a little dragon curled
    perfectly, pointed tail swept up
    like paisley, scales pressed
    firm around the girl's wrist
    where it hung on just so,
    like any contented pet.

    And her eyes shone so bright,
    the smile switching on
    across her moon-round face
    filled with trust as she
    stroked that wee lizard's back
    and gazed up at me happily
    through a delightful swath
    of erratic dark hair.

    I saw her truth, but you,
    you I will never believe again
    after this.

  6. Oh yes! Rachel, I am happy you found your words. And since I would never, ever tell you dragons aren't real, I can rest easy on this one, not even a near miss, those stabbing last lines, they aim at some other miserable man.

    Here Be Dragons

    The relief I feel,
    the flung knives going this time
    into the torso
    of some other poor
    sap of a man who dared cross
    you, telling you there
    are no dragons now
    if ever, when right before
    your bright blue vision
    one plainly sat at
    the end of your gold laced rope,
    patient with your hold.

  7. Haha! Oh yes, Christopher, some other miserable man. Never you. I know you believe, and I am glad of it.

  8. the first poem makes me think of T.S. Eliot, Sweeney Agonistis:

    You'd be bored.
    Birth, and
    copulation, and death.
    That's all the facts when you come to brass tacks: Birth, and copulation, and death.

    lucky for you, you have found other diversions betwixt and between your organic function and drive to procreate, otherwise girls would be for you the truth of it; the unitary object of attention for the primordial organic function from the male perspective.

    i also like Eliot's Bamboo Tree lyrics....

    under the bamboo
    bamboo bamboo
    under the bamboo tree
    two live as one
    one live as two
    two live as three
    under the bam
    under the boo
    under the bamboo tree

    where the Gauguin maids
    in the banyon shades
    wear palmleaf drapery
    under the bam
    under the boo
    under the bamboo tree....

  9. Rachel, We keep on weaving.

    Ghost, I do have other diversions, however, I still snuffle around when its time to howl. I still keep placing before God the idea that I am not done quite yet.

  10. Tiny dragons are the best kind, especially when they hand out mischievous little wisdoms like this... :)

  11. Big dragons do mess the place up. They have their own idea of "housebroken". Also something happens between little and big. Like most young small dragons smell sweet. Not so the big ones...

  12. The truth then is so elusive. Never trust a smoking dragon. Never trust a girl. Always be a boy. Carry doggie bag for shit for brains.

    (Sorry, too much sun today.)

    Damn regret. I'm working hard to not need it.

  13. I found your comment so delightful I have to say, Erin, I love you. What a great friend you would be.

  14. I felt mean disturbing that tiny dragon in the garden, but couldn't resist. First time I saw her she was all mazy folds like goldsmith's work, only an inch or two long...

  15. {{{Lucy}}}

    That one made my eyes water.

  16. By the way, Lucy, I had to look up "mazy folds" though after I did I found I could have trusted my instinct. Mazy as pertaining to a maze. But it looks more like "labyrinthine" works better as a definition. Fingerprints are tiny mazy folds.

    You educated Brits. Milton.

  17. Mm, snakes really are mazy, I think, the little dragon was more like a tiny section of a maze or labyrinth, but very twisty-turny all the same! I don't really remember too much of my Milton, that one stuck because you find yourself questioning whether it's true or not.

    (She was really a newt, which doesn't sound too poetic; I kind of wish she'd been a salamander...)

  18. Christopher, with Rachel's permission, I continud the dragon quest with...

    …and what of this

    this daunting place

    where young girls

    wear brutal

    and ancient beasts

    like living jewelry

    talons wrapped

    round smooth little


    are we in heaven

    or hell

    or some special place

    where a dainty girls tastes

    run to talons

    and lace

  19. Wow. I guess you are thinking of piercings. Wow.


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