Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ski Tower, High Centered

I am a long time Lord Of The Rings fan. I tried to follow the elves to the lands in the west. To not know how the emigration of the elves turned out seems cruel to me. Of course, not even Tolkein was capable of telling a true elven story. Elves are NOT human. In order to be remotely like humans they have to step down, corral, back off, pin hole their presence. Otherwise they are at right angles to this plane, hard to even see. When they accepted Bilbo, it meant that a certain elven group would have to exercise that discipline to tend to him. It was what Aragorn's lover was prepared to fix in place so she could be with him, to essentially cripple her elven self for love. I can't write from the elven point of view either.

The Ski Tower

Looks like Sauron's eye
Could appear any moment there
Staring down on skiers
Not suspecting anything
Like such awful disaster.

The ring bearer
Needs to find another way
Up the snowy slopes.

January 19, 2009 12:21 PM


I got of my high center. This is not unlike stepping out of my elven self for the sake of movement along the high Way. I don't remember writing in code like that. It is a good alternative to being hung up and this being the way I find motivation to get going.

High Centered

You told me to move.
You held the whip's long shadow
In your whipping hand.
Made my withers twitch
To see that lurking notion
Of motivation.
I got off my high center,
Took to the highway again.

January 19, 2009 1:16 PM


  1. Christopher! I am clapping my hands with delight :)

    Thank you

    *big grin*

    ...and as for finding another way, yeah, some of us can't 'move' the same way around this unfamiliar place.


  2. It is an unfamiliar place. Yes it is!

    You're welcome, and you are in my thoughts.

  3. We all shine for each other my friend.

    You know this.



  4. Not trying to hog your blog :)


    go here

    Seemed relevant


  5. Michelle, you are not hogging my blog. I think you are excited just now is all. Also many people are leaving special things here and your link is special.

  6. Makes me laugh a little at all of us about our little business while a big eye blinks out penultimate truths somewhere far above.

    Are there always other paths?

  7. The earth sighed
    and the poetry
    like rain
    cried through
    the eye
    of a howling storm
    and nothing
    be the same

    Thank you :)


  8. Erin, indeed. Perspective.

    Michelle, thank you for your contributions and your warmth.

  9. I always thought Tolkien entertained angels unawares. I think you may be one of them...

  10. Lucy, if that was true, I would have to deny it as a condition of employment. I am just another bozo on the bus. :)

    One of my closer friends these days is a man with a major hit to his record in the music business. He hums along, making enough money with his band, originally out of Detroit. He lives nearby here in Oregon and the others are scattered across the country. They have a business machine that gathers play dates for them at casinos and such. They meet back in the midwest for practice sessions and composing sessions. Otherwise he is just busy with his music.

    He is also active in his son's school and keeps connected in his family life.

    Of himself, he says he has a trade. Other people think other things about him. Me, I think it is blessing. At least I feel blessed knowing the man before I knew anything about his music, knowing the man first. He is a simple man who loves his family.



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