Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scribed On The Wall

The Gower Memorial to William Shakespeare at Stratford Upon Avon. Wiki says of this, "A statue was created in 1888, the work of Lord Ronald Gower. This is situated in Stratford's Bancroft Gardens. The monument shows Shakespeare seated on a pedestal, surrounded, at ground level, by statues of Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, Prince Hal, and Falstaff. These characters were intended to be emblematic of Shakespeare's creative versatility: representing Philosophy, Tragedy, History, and Comedy."

In the photo above, Hamlet is seen from his back to the right of Shakespeare on the pedestal. In the photo below, Hamlet is seen from another angle.

Scribed On The Shit-house Wall

"Tale for sale" consists
of three torn rooster feathers
in a gallon sized
baggie, stuffed in there
and tangled, with bits of stuff
still attached, a kit
designed for a rat
to take away and ponder
like that guy pondered
(Alas, poor Yorick's
skull) the shape of ends passing
and those still to come.

‎May ‎10, ‎2011 12:49 AM


  1. In this home

    As I sat there
    You gazed blankly
    Bach at me
    Would that I could
    From bended knee
    Plee successfully
    Then somehow you
    Would be brought back
    To me
    The you that I knew
    And miss so longingly
    But that is not to be
    Alas in my grief
    All that is left to me
    Is some bone
    In this home
    You'll never again see


  2. You are on your way, Mr. Poet. (We have created a monster!) LOL.


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