Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Dental Appointment

So I went to the dentist and I sat there listening the whining of the tools and to after hours comings and goings with the kids and stuff while my mouth was full of tools and hands and noise. I thought, "That's different." The dentist is a woman. It was obvious she thought this work routine and nothing for me to fret about. My anesthetic was abnormally effective so it was true. I sit now without pain many hours later but there is a constant inflammatory reminder that new work is in place. As good as it gets, I think when real work is done...

The Dental Appointment

All gals is liars,
and that's the truth. You said it.
I could tell from stains
on your teeth how you
were using all of you to
say this thing to me.

Oddly I thought of
some gal folk singer right then.

Next you said your heart
feels like your hope does
right after a tough dental
appointment when you
have to go back soon.
I mean it's going to get
worse and you know it.
After that, maybe
it gets better, maybe not.

And that woman lies...
at least, lies to you
and that's the damn truth of it.
Case closed, Sylvester.

Next appointment, next
Thursday afternoon at 3 -
chew on that for now.
This work could be just
good enough this time around-
a wee little throb.

‎January ‎28, ‎2016 12:05 AM

C'mon... Lighten up... This is supposed to be funny.

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