Thursday, May 7, 2015

Joni Sings Both Sides Now

Joni Sings Both Sides Now

Was so long ago
and she sang it as I lived,
no hollow spaces
just the corners turned
and standing right proud in light
of the noonday shift.

I can hardly take
the force of it in my gut.
I will come undone.
Oh sometimes I don't
get how they stand in the front
and take the crowd's roar
or how you are on
time like this, always on time.

I started running
late, always too late
to catch your ever loving
ways, not for years now.

‎April ‎20, ‎2014 10:27 PM

Written in collaboration with Irene Toh of Singapore:
Both Sides Now

To be complete, here is the Wikipedia history site on the song,
Both Sides Now


  1. Of course, the version of Both Sides Now that I knew so long ago- released in1967 was sung by Judy Collins. I listened to this album on a friend's hi-fi system in his home in East Pakistan. He was in the diplomatic corps and I was in exile.

  2. According to this history, Joni wrote the song, was friends with Judy who snapped it right off the writing desk for her 1967 album "Wildflowers". Joni didn't record it til later even though she wrote it.

  3. So the song moves with us through our a good song should. So glad you're back!

  4. It all has memories, every damn song out there, I swear. I prefer Joni to Judy, she has a voice thats kinder on my ears, in some way.

    You've been busy since the last time I looked, Yes, welcome back


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