Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How We Love Again

How We Love Again
(Dancing With Rilke)

Say it again, love.
Tell me the truth as if you
were before the cross
swearing, holiness
at your back. Look at the stones,
the upright curling
whispers of the stones.

Hear them ease out songs, true tales
of the old abyss
in the core of love
and how we love anyway,
again and again
standing as trees stand,
colorful flowers blazing
in the wind of fall
though we know snow comes,
though we know the weight, terror's
weight, moaning dry wind,
and still we lie down
together in sere gardens,

again and again
wedded in love's way,
you and me and all the rest,
again and again,
how we face the sky.

‎December ‎10, ‎2010 6:50 PM


  1. Tell me you love me again
    you fickle creature
    as if love was a shield
    protecting all your soft spots
    as if you could move
    with your love
    staying in place
    your place also saved by
    your fickle love
    one minute is all you need
    to plaster your need
    all over the place
    You tempt me even though
    I know pain
    pain filled love from a fickle source
    Rocks are solid
    unless they roll
    And again you are there
    with your love filled eyes
    pinning me down again
    penning me down again

    1. A bit more cynical than mine and filled with pain. Just as real. Or else, neither is quite real.

  2. "and how we love anyway." We are so drawn to be loved and to give love, it seems a bit choiceness....the enduring TRY. Some give up, I'm sure they do. But no doubt the heart yearning must somehow be appeased.

    1. I know people who have given up but I somehow doubt that they are impervious. I think that the right encounter moves the right person no matter what the previous vow. Yet oddly I would prefer to marry, or at least before I became the man I am now I would. Now I am too old and the efforts of youth and middle age no longer make sense.

  3. keep coming back, reading this. it gets deeper with every read. thank you. it reminds us that with love, there is risk, there is pain, there is the chance it will work or wont. But still love.

    1. Thank you, mittens. Yes. Every real human endeavor entails risk. You see successes all around, or at least what appear to be success. Making a living and making love. I think the success rates are lower than we hope. So many businesses fail. So many love matches if they last turn into hollow arrangements that serve life purposes but lack essentials. Marriages of convenience and arrangement are perhaps the rule. "We stay together for the kids." That's the most common. Or "We stay together because we lose too much wealth or power or position in the separating." Lifelong arrangements. These are not necessarily horrible. In fact, marrying for love is a modern ideal made possible by societies which have produced a great deal of wealth and free time. Most marriages through history have been arranged for other purposes with love being a bonus.

  4. "You'll learn to love him' sometimes happened, in spite of the business deal that went with the marriage

    And sometimes love changes into something even more enduring, as we age and the fires dim a bit--respect, admiration, an understanding that you are connected to a remarkable human being--hopefully before its too late to appreciate it =)

    Still love, but with the brain engaged as well, this time.

    1. Is this conversation even possible under the age of forty?

    2. lol, and id say possibly not before the age of 50--or even 60

      no one under the age of 40 really believes they will die, or that their loved ones will. and I doubt if they realize how much they have changed and will change in the next 20 or 30 years. ive been married 47 years, and any regrets i may have had have turned into relief, that this was the right choice after all...

    3. Mittens, indeed. I am happy to know that it has worked out for you. I have been married once and it was a relationship of 25 years or so but illness turned it very bad.


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