Friday, May 15, 2015

Do I Need A Woman, You Ask

This is an old blind and deaf cat. My old blind cat lay in the sun this way and unfortunately the last time was her undoing.

I wish now that I had some photos of my old cats. I have had several who basically died of being too old and tired through all my years. They aren't much fun when they get so old but of course by then they are so much a part of me that I am destroyed when they actually die.

Right now I live with a calico named Celeste who is napping somewhere in this house at this moment and six feet from me Stella the part Irish Wolfhound is waiting patiently and napping, waiting for whatever comes next. Oh wait... the woman who walks her for me just came so Stella is now out for her evening walk.

Do I Need A Woman, You Ask

That arrow you shot
went past my ear, one feather
cutting just enough
to draw my red blood
in passing.

I did reach out
to push you away.

I had to stanch both
that cut and the other near
my heart, a deeper,
slicing cut you made
because I twisted too late
to get off scott free.

If I lie about
needing a woman then how
is it I lived well,
so well for seven
years, happy to return home
to the old blind cat?

May 5, 2014 2:48 PM

This poem is written in collaboration as a response to a poem by Irene Toh called Dali & I where she stated
"You said you didn’t need a woman.
I think you lie." as the last two lines.

This is one poem to another.
In real life both the challenge and its response are murkier.
Gotta go - can't catch me!


  1. Taken by the image: ive had some deaf cats, some blind: one who was both and navigated through the last days of his life with grace and deternination...
    But I dont mourn the old ones who die, it's time. Its the ones who die young, either taken by fisher cats or by illness. Its like losing a child, too soon too soon.

    and yeah, I take pictures of all of them, and am amazed at how individual they are, inside and out.

    And, after all, it does depend on the woman, whether you need or just want-- =)

    (Liked the poem, too)

  2. i like this...but i still think you fib

    1. A man without a woman is like a fish without a bicycle.

  3. Touching words...


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