Friday, August 29, 2014

The Meeting

From a blog post back in 2012, from Nik Daum, see the post here

Roppongi House was an old building, crusty and worn on the outside in keeping with the appearance of the other modest units that hadn’t been torn down yet. Compared to our last hotel rooms, having more than a single room felt luxurious. The place had three bedrooms, two toilet closets (one modified squat/one western), a mildewy shower room, and a living area and small kitchen space. The stairway to the upper floor was narrow and dark. The sleeping areas had woven floors and traditional mats and bedding.

Nik takes lots of photos and produces art. As well he recorded his experiences overseas. I do not know Nik. The wonders of internet search allowed me to find his blog. I love the alley, and I marvel at the squat toilet that flushes. I saw many squats in Bangladesh but they all flushed by hand.

The Meeting

The narrow alley
in which we met only spanned
one block between us,
between two busy
streets of our sky scraping town.
No leaping buildings
is permitted here,
and no swimming to England
either. Still we met.
We both had to go,
go quickly as if we had
so much more to do.

I am left with mystery,
memory, strings hanging out.

September 27, 2010 7:45 PM

Here's the squat toilet with a hand wash sink above that is also the fill tank for the toilet flush. Thus the sink runs automatically to fill the tank and you can wash your hands while that is happening. There are many ways in the world.

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