Sunday, August 31, 2014

And The Gulls Cry - A Magpie Tale

Fishermen of Dark Harbor, by N C Wyeth (father of Andrew) N C Wyeth was both a painter and an illustrator of which he said, "Painting and illustration cannot be mixed—one cannot merge from one into the other." He was best known for his illustrations of a classic series of 25 books published by Scribners, including his best, the first one, Treasure Island.

Chosen by Tess as a writing prompt for Magpie Tales: Mag 235

And The Gulls Cry

If there was a sun
it would beat my back and stink
the fish more quickly
as I ride the tide
and shift my full boatload catch
to wicker baskets.

This is my goddam
life I am talking about.
I hear there's gold in
Alaska, other
ways to thrive other places,
but here it's all these

I would go, son,
but then there's you. I would go
and leave her damn flat
but for love of you.

‎August ‎31, ‎2014 11:18 AM


  1. What a unique approach! Well done.

  2. Powerful, and strong depth within every line today! Bravo, I feel the strength ring true!

  3. I don't think my fisherman is having fun. I don't think N.C. Wyeth's fisherman knee deep in dead fish is having fun either.

  4. You caught the moment...this bond father-son feels very strong in your poem.

  5. Thank you all. I'm amazed, actually. I have no children. I am nearing 69. I suppose I could still be a father. That would be insane.

  6. There is no shame in an honest day's work, but I imagine the stench would get to you on some days and make you wish you could be somewhere else. But for the love of family.

    1. Shame and stench are not the only reasons to hate the work. Boredom and wounded bodies count for much, as do the simple yearning for another kind of life, or how about having been locked into a loveless marriage by any one of several traps? You can love your son but hate the forced pathway to him.

  7. Children are sometimes the only reason...

  8. Strong emotions here - well done.


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