Thursday, August 21, 2014

Solar Attitude

Image by Nicole Hollenbeck

What if we pissed Sol off? He's still young enough to cop an attitude, I think.

Solar Attitude

I know you have spots
in certain places, hot spots
that could kill us all.

I fear you will go
off here, right here at any
moment without cause,
that I will be turned
at that moment into dust
only dimly shown
in the gassy flow,
the cataclysm you are,
and then you subside
(as if I was never here)
as if you never
act like that at all.

September 24, 2010 4:37 PM


  1. The recent solar storms are playing havoc with our computers (my husband's an astronomy enthusiast and always follows solar activity). I chuckled at your opening lines though. I'm a haphazard psychic. My "guide" used to use the nickname of Sol, until I managed to find out his preferred name. Yeah... I follow a very convoluted way. He was the person I would dedicate the angel poem to. It fits our relationship perfectly. :-)

    1. We don't seem to have that sort of trouble, though people fret about it. The system is robust. I don't know why. I assume there is redundancy built in. It has been so through my lifetime here in the US. However we do have storm damage or something crashing a pole occasionally.

      I had to go to East Pakistan (before it was Bangladesh) in order to experience a tentative power supply.

  2. We live in rural Scotland. Our phone line lies next to a field. as in under one inch of dirt running alongside a dirt track. Last time we had trouble was after a tractor road over it and squashed it.

    on the plus side deer sleep in our back yard and the birds are amazing. You can't have it all.

    1. There is a place in me that rebels when someone jumps in at some level of having "it" and says "you can't have it all" I find myself saying why the hell not?? Back in the day I used to holler, "Not fair!"

  3. Thanks. :-) That was a perfectly timed reminder. Yes,.. why the hell not?


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