Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Just Past Noon, I Was Not There - Magpie Tales

Add the "1940" postmark to the old style addressing. This is an unfolded letter sent during the early part of World War II. I hope it arrived in time:

Offered by Tess as a writing prompt on The Mag: Mag 194

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I looked out from under the huge feathery brows of some old Brit, ca. 1990. He wrote:

Sunday Just Past Noon

I look at this letter
and know I should feel something,
wish I felt something,
but I just do not.

I touch the cancelled grey stamp,
imagine those days,
then turn to sip tea,
much more recently brewed up -
spy the pile of bills
I've shoved to one side
and suck on my rusty teeth,
getting out the cheques.

‎November ‎17, ‎2013 1:27 PM

But I saw it like this:

I Was Not There

The old stamp calls me.
The mark does too. That post came
Tuesday, the same day
the bomb found its track
past the balloons, jammed itself
deep into the earth
before blowing you up
into little bits all mixed
with cloth, wood and grit.

November 17, 2013 2:12 PM

I include my expansion because he would never tell you.


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