Thursday, November 28, 2013



My two eyes have lost
their measure of each other.
They no longer work
together and do
not show the same world to me.

My right eye takes in
detail and color
and still loves to find meaning
in all creation.

My left has withdrawn
and turned inward, seeing best
the white amoebas
that swim up and down
the seas of little colored
dots that no longer
form the world's details,
leaving only blobs and broad
forms of things out there.

Now I get to choose
which view is the true to life
way of passing things.

November 28, 2013 8:29 AM


  1. Such a hopeful and transcendent take on 'floaters' - I now appreciate my own - who knew?! :-)

    A most happy Thanksgiving to you, Christopher. Thanks for being you.

    1. Don, I haven't said much about it here. This is a bit more than floaters. I have lost my left eye to subretinal hemhorrage caused by my required usage of warfarin to lessen the high risk I run of strokes and embolisms. I truly see out of my left eye just about like that photo shows the world because of the damage to my left eye retina. Much of my color, while not black and white is washed out and some of it gone.

  2. That is indeed far more severe than what I had imagined - thanks for the clarification. It makes your words even more profound. Perhaps it helps sharpen your 20/20 inner vision in some mysterious way, or help you make out the path between worlds. At any rate, I sure don't get any impression that it slows you down; just the opposite.

    1. Thanks for your kindness. It matters what you focus upon of course. I am definitely slower and even stopped at prallel parking. It turns out I depended in some essential way on my left eye. Like you said. Who knew? It was a surprise. The 3d stuff I lost it turns out is just at and beyond arm's reach. Long distance like in front of my car is basically unaffected, but certain things cause me to act like a bird as I try to see with just one eye. I no longer use a patch because the watering eye has largely ceased but I can easily see that my left eye no longer tracks with my right, part of why I think my eye watered, trying to work. There are changes afoot, none of them so far very good. The doctor wanted me to get enough vision in the left eye I could walk about, if carefully. He did give me that back. Before the operation I had almost no external sight at all.


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