Friday, November 8, 2013

At The Bend Of The World

At The Bend Of The World

After some debate
two of the crows decided
to start on the eyes
of the fallen one.
Those eyes did not reflect sky
any more nor earth
for all that matter.
Other crows, lower ranking,
began their digging
closer to the tail,
perhaps searching for liver
or some such innard.
I tried for silence
and even some reverence
for the way of things.

‎November ‎7, ‎2013 7:21 PM

Carrion Crows once thought to be the same species as Hooded Crows are now considerred to be a different species. They eat a wide variety of foods and have been known to kill prey at times. They are known as well to drop shellfish onto rocks from heights sufficient to crack them open.

Carrion Crows mate for life and both partners raise the chicks. They are found throughout Europe and Asia. When Carrion Crows and Hooded Crows are in the same area, they will occasionally interbreed.


  1. good stuff
    even if it is quite gruesome

    1. It is a primary life relationship on planet earth. Life eats life and also life eats to clean up death. There is no exception except near the bottom of the food chains, where plants eat sunlight and air.


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