Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Do The Dead Want

My friend "nowhere" at Whiskey River published a Billy Collins poem. *click here* It got me to musing in my own way. Here's what came out of that.

What Do The Dead Want

I want to write death
a note and suggest changes
he might institute.
It might be better
if he would let us know bits
for sure instead of
relying on faith
of some kind to draw us in.

It's gotten so bad
that Billy Collins
even wrote an amusement,
even him if you
can believe it, love.

He said the best of us all
desire to return
again and again
to see the ways snowflakes fall
on the winter limb.

February 23, 2013 6:52 PM


  1. NOT returning. Once is enough. When death (and I find it amusing that death here is masculine...whereas boats and cars are almost always feminine) comes to claim me, he better do a damn fine job at finalization, cuz I'm not coming back :)

    I loved the opening line. Drawn right in I was.

    1. Been away from the keyboard for a while...

      I too consider this the last time around here. It was not me had that attitude but Billy Collins did. I simply shared it. I am much more argumentative as the poem suggests. My old lover argues with me about this attitude. She considers me not genuine in this area as she cannot conceive of holding the "I want out of here" attitude about the planet without being in a snit at the same time.

      Me, I see this attitude all over the spiritual history of the planet and consider it the majority view in many ways.


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