Thursday, February 7, 2013

Charting The Days

Sunrise Over The Fence This photo was taken in October, 2010, and found as part of sumoetx's photostream on Flicker

Charting The Days

He insisted it
was so - he said the sun would
nearly always rise
over his inscribed
illuminated marks so
placed on the back fence.
He said sunset would
be next to my right big toe
no matter where I
thought to go. I don't
know what I should try to
make of this, seems like
lunacy to me.

February 7, 2013 12:44 PM


  1. Lunacy! My therapist had me play in a sandbox she pulled from under a table. Lots of toys. Got to choose and place, and play. "This is so STUPID" I said. She said that was a judgement. How did I feel??? "Like stopping" I said. But when it was over, my subconscious painted quite a picture. There was even hope in it. Who knew? Lunacy? Felt like it. Feels like it a lot. But sometime the craziness holds the keys.

    1. Luna is of course the Latin name of the Moon. Lunacy is the state of being Moon Minded. I have a hidden history in this poem - my right big toe is my gouty toe and in the nineties I suffered through two bouts. While I have a bony largeness and some tenderness from time to time the gout has not returned in well over a decade now. That the sun should set near there is equally the joy of beauty and the terror that any disturbance may cause the gout to return. You see hope in lunatic places and I agree so long as you also accept a very real terror. Happiness does exist, and also the devastations that we suffer as well. Your history will never leave you but the weight you carry of it will. I can virtually guarantee you of that so long as you do the real work. I believe you are doing the real work.


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