Monday, June 4, 2012

Unexpected Journey

Windstorm damages observatory on Mount Evans click on this link to read the full story. Oh well.

Back in January there was a weather event on Mount Evans in the Colorado Rockies. The jet stream was directly over an observatory and since that observatory was higher than fourteen thousand feet, the jet stream on that day happened to be low enough to go right through the site literally. The jet stream blows at maybe 60mph but also maybe higher since it has been measured above 200mph from time to time. That kind of scouring may explain why the gravel that high up is made up of rather big pieces. Everything small enough is blown away periodically. Of course no one is on the mountain at fourteen thousand feet in the winter. But what if I was?

Unexpected Journey

I took my stand at
fourteen thousand feet, gasping
for air but plucky
yet until the wind
took me off my feet and set
me in the next state.
No one said the jet
stream could dip that low, no one
knew I should ask for
But seeking black holes, the view
was just tremendous.

‎June ‎4, ‎2012 8:24 PM

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  1. I just got a message sharing a website that describes the trek to the top that certain people do. It is not exactly mountain climbing but also not far from it. Look here:


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