Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Year's Picnic

A classic image coming from the mind of M.C. Escher courtesy of Tess at The Mag. Please click thru on the blog name to see how my Magpie Tales friends handled this image.

This Year's Picnic

We were lost alot
due to Father's bad habit
of driving on past
listening or maps.
Now stuck in the forest mud
I remember how
he would grump around.
At least I'm not lost that bad,
just up to my knees
in the goo of things
no matter how clear the world
in that puddle seems.

June 17, 2012 6:52 AM

Back in my psychedelic days I had a style of sketchwork where I would play with black felt pen on paper basically modeled on the guys who loved Escher.


  1. Christopher, your sketch is worthy of its very own poetic interpretation!

    Nice Magpie!!! (Why is it men won't follow directions?)

  2. Love this amusing Magpie. Because Helen,a lot of them know it all!

  3. That is my father to a T! We've been stuck on many a back road because it's suppose to be a "shortcut". A great poem bringing back funny memories!

  4. Your sketch has the same characteristics as the Mag image. Well spotted - they make a pleasing pair!

  5. ah yes getting lost- well my sweetie won't go anywhere without making a recon and knowing exactly how to get from point A to point B....and me? I like exploring and finding new ways or not...perhaps that was your Dad in a way? Even being grumpy he was exploring?
    Your drawing fits your poem to a T...both excellent!!!

  6. Ah..... memories of the jackknifed trailer at Peggy's Cove in tourist season. Dads.. dangnabbit! Thank you for the "been there" reflections, Christopher. For me, the quality of the lines in your sketch connects me back to the Beatles Revolver album cover, as well as to Escher. Clever. =D

  7. it all of us guys that dont ask directions? smiles...oh but there is adventure in finding out way...even if we end up neck deep in mud..smiles.

  8. I for one was accused by my Mom and also many later women (!) well...a few at least...of having "bird dog like cunning". I don't get lost. My inner space is map-like and it takes a special environment to undo me. I have made my living drafting because this inner space skill is transferable to that discipline.

    Then I moved to the Portland, Oregon area and have been embarrassed ever since. For reasons I have never succeeded in untangling, my sense of direction is confounded here and I have often been bamboozled by the counter-intuitive nature of Portland's one way system, no left turn demands, and even the basic layout of the streets which seems to destroy the location of North in many locales. Oregon City is particularly confusing in this way. In Portland, in my opinion, you are often up a creek unless you already know the way.

    This never happened in California nor in other parts of Oregon.

  9. I am directionally challenged, to put it mildly. I loved the pairing of the image with the poem. I could picture your father quite clearly. I am always asking for directions. The better way to bamboozlement! And I live in California!!!!

  10. This made me giggle remembering my own childhood...

  11. Cool, Christopher! Loved the Escher like sketch. Kids these days have almost lost this ability to freehand imaginations. And didn't we all have such stiff necks dads like you describe? LOL

  12. Love the sketch...and your homage to the lost!! Ha


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