Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facial Dilemma

This is a version of actual trouble in my life. Ever since I became proficient in astrology I have been struck by the Moon in Pisces in my natal chart, a signal for vagueness at any time. In my chart I have that position in third house and located as a handle to the bucket chart that is mine. Not only that, this position is a close orb T-square formed with Uranus in 6th house and Mercury in 12th house, very strong. Because the Moon moves so quickly, I do not share this formation with very many others, even those born on the same day as me.

If I am in a crowd of strangers, I am seriously hampered. At the best of times I have trouble focusing my hearing in the cacophony of crowd noise or on the vocals of music groups. When the group is unfamiliar this is hopeless. I hear the noise but can't make out the signal. This trouble is common for me as I listen to recorded music too. If I already know the lyric I can make it out, but if I don't there are often places in the recordings that I cannot make out what the singer(s) are singing. This poem pulls it home into another facet of this difficulty. People with influential Pisces in their lives will understand.

Facial Dilemma

I have collections,
categories of faces,
quick change disguises
but really I have
big trouble at those parties
where too many who
know me arrive at
the same time, hairy bastards!
What face do I wear
that fits all of them?
So I’ve had to quit going.
Tender my regrets.

April 18, 2010 12:15 PM

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