Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Just My Job - A Magpie Tale

from Tess Kincaid, posted on Mag 112 *link here* also found on a Deviant Art site *link here* - an Indonesian artist and photo manipulator.

Here is an example of a poem writing itself. I started with the line "thin shelled majesty" which has the required five syllables and the second line completed the sentence in seven with the words, "arid land". Nothing of what happened next connected to that thought. I had to go back and puzzle over the first two lines to make them fit back in. Then to make sense of things, the title had to be something banal. I realize that claiming this poem makes sense is debatable.

It's Just My Job

My shelled conveyance
arrived in that arid land.
I stepped from my egg
and watched as you broke
free from yours, and the dog did
too, seeking markers.
You were not my choice
of travelling companion,
nor was he, high strung
mutt, but there it is
as ever. I don't get to
choose my company.

April 8, 2012 8:44 AM


  1. true you do not...and the fates tend to bring together those that need be...even if for a time...i like the bit about hos the poem progressed as well...

  2. poor dog. she should be happy to have such a nice traveling companion

    voices in a treat

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several time to get it to work.

  3. Apparently there are those out there who have not been hit by the bots. I have posts that appear on their radar. One of my posts, before word verification got hit so much I had to take it down. I agree. I hate word verification but I hate the bots more.

  4. There are situations we can't choose company but someone we find the patience and grace to come together.

    Happy day to you~

  5. I think this makes perfect sense (which makes me worry a bit) and I like it a lot.

  6. Patti if this makes sense to you I indeed would be worried. I have passed through some rather odd places to get where I am now. I am sorry. :D

  7. i like how this piece is a little journey in addition to being a piece about a little journey.... and about traveling companions.. and choices... and compromises...
    lovely, really.

  8. Lol- so cute and clever... breaking free, even the dog... there's much meaning in this.

  9. Great job! I liked it. Especially the bit about watching another break out of his conveyance.

  10. It must be a good made me want to know what happens next!

  11. Maybe this isn't really a poem. Maybe it's just a really short story.

  12. Rosemary, that's a really good point you brought out for me. This could be the poem of the woman in the picture about her companions as well as it is a poem of someone not in the picture about his or her companions. The only thing for sure, the dog is called "he".

  13. I enjoy the 'lightness' of this piece. While introspective it is short and straight to the point. Leaving me in pontification of this in my life or I in theirs and how we all arrived to be a part of eachothers. I like it!

    1. Btw this reply is from Jen Mc, have troubles with my google acct so I had to post as anonymous:)

  14. jen mc I am glad you dropped by. Love you. Love your brother too. And your step mom. And the memory of your dad... Easter has me think like that...

  15. I like this quite a bit- you wove all of the image into a poem- I never could figure out the dog.
    and thanks for your comments too.

  16. ... like piecing together a broken shell, you did make everything fit!

  17. Poetry is odd, isn't it..sometimes it just writes this excellent one did!

  18. Great to see Mork and Mindy have taken a retirement cruise !

  19. I like it when words we've not chosen choose to be written...

  20. I liked reading about how this poem was born.


  21. I learned something again. Love it....



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