Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Know You Better Than That - 3WW

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This week's words:

Growl; Hype; Justify.

I Know You Better Than That

I look past the blaze,
see your eyes gleam, hear your growl
rising from the hot
low places in you.
I just know it's hype despite
your fierce blodshot signs.
You justify things,
butress your fiery distress,
demand my belief.
I will not knuckle
under this time. I've drawn lines
in my gray sad sand.

April 4, 2012 4:26 AM


  1. cleverly written.Stand your ground.

  2. That last line is like a blow to the heart..beautiful imagery..really grew the story from the photograph..Jae

  3. Thought of another:

    All your flash and growl,
    all devotion to the hype,
    still you justify.
    Still you serve up tripe.

  4. Enjoyed this poem very much. The last lines really do sum up the feelings :-)

  5. Yeah, clever stuff, and I like the bit about tripe, in the comments!

  6. Powerful yet sad, this piece reels the reader into what must have been a disappointing, perhaps even dangerous, relationship. Engrossing!

  7. Aww, sad. Loved this:

    hear your growl
    rising from the hot
    low places in you.


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