Sunday, April 29, 2012

Manu Pombrol - A Magpie Tale

A Self Portrait by Manu Pombrol

A Spaniard Talks Of Time

I was distracted,
fell into the hall mirror
and woke obsession
right up in my head
like migraine thunder, lightning.
Now I show myself
in some contorted
pose or other, try to top
up on that silvered
afternoon backlight,
on that splash of accident,
on my younger fate.

A Magpie Tale Written For The Mag, *click here*
April 29, 2012 8:23 AM

Another Self Portrait by Manu Pombrol

Born in Madrid, Spain, Manu Pombrol is a 37-year-old artist and photographer whose self-portraits are nothing short of extraordinary. Pombrol first started down a creative path when, at a very young age, he painted pictures or portraits in pastels. Then, as computers started making their way into the mainstream, he worked in graphic design. He bought his first camera about five years ago and that's when everything changed.

In his words, "Everything started to make sense. I found out (a little bit late) that photography was the perfect tool to show what was in my mind. I was seduced by the insane idea of mixing reality and surrealism, trying to create my own art language."

On his website *click here* you will find that Manu also works in the world of fashion and other forms of art photography.


  1. Great poem and thanks for the info on Manu!

  2. cool! and yeah thanks for sharing some info about Manu!


  3. this is great and Manu's flickr photos are amazing too!!

  4. I did like this Christopher. That accident of fate is drawn beautifully with for words.

  5. I enjoyed your word play on reflective and refractive light, here. Thank you for sharing your poem and the background on Manu, Christopher. =D

  6. I really like the notion of falling into a mirror...nice take...

  7. nice...some really fun word play in your verse....always love the extra info you dig is def fascinating to know the artist behind the work...

  8. Thanks all. It's nice of you to stop by and let me know you were here. I hope the word verification was not too difficult. I know it can be sometimes.

  9. very cool scene you painted here, and I like the alternate self-portrait image as well as the detailed artist notes. Thanks

  10. Christopher, your Magpie poem is incredible!!!

  11. Great Chris! Not many would go deeper into knowing more of the artist. Thanks for sharing!



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