Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talking Behind Your Back

image: Uzengia (Aleksander Nedic), from Tess Kincaid, The Mag

Aleksandar, published in HappyPhoton, Online Magazine For Contemporary Photography, 15 Feb 12 says, "My name is Aleksandar Nedic, and I was born 35 years ago in the city of Vukovar in Croatia, where I still live...photoshop software with its endless possibilities. I discovered that even a beginner and photo-ignorant like me, is able to create something interesting."

And in Blur Magazine:
"Aleksandar Nedić, better known under his artistic name Uzengia, was born in Vukovar (Croatia) in 1977. He has been into visual arts since childhood when he started to paint and draw. He was studying painting for a few years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka (BiH), and today he is a professional illustrator. Uzengia has been actively engaged into photography for several years now and he prefers digital photography with a strong emphasis on post production."

Talking Behind Your Back

I've a bad habit
of peeping through the wormhole
at you backlit by
the latest foreign
shape of your traveling show.
Then I go and start
some new rumor about
why the hell you won't settle
for your homebound life.

March 11, 2012 10:02 AM

Son of a bitch! I just noticed...someone stole an hour from me in the middle of last night! I really, really hate this!

Compiled and written for Mag 108

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  1. You've been talking behind my back again...

  2. I so enjoyed your Mag today!! Funny how I lost that hour as well ...

  3. ha i would love to be part of a traveling show...i am sure the rumors certain follow their performers...

  4. Peeping through wormholes is fun... :)

  5. Like the voice in your poem I am a home body. I do enjoy the stories from the traveling shows though. Thank you for sharing this insightful look at life, Christopher.

  6. I really like the tone of this.


  7. Rumours, rumours, rumours! Clever write!

    Anna :o]

  8. Good on ya for researching the photographer. He deserves it. My late Magpie is Lifesaver.


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