Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spider Talk

The bright and interesting Camel Spider is also known as Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion. A camel spider can run at 30 mph and they have a very high pitched scream. They are 7 cm in length. According to a test, their venom caused paralysis in 7 out of 10 lizards which were injected with their venom. They are found in deserts and hence got their name, Camel Spiders.
Solifugae are not true spiders, which are from a different order, Araneae. Like scorpions and harvestmen, they belong to a distinct arachnid order. There are about 1065 species of Solifugae known, grouped in about 153 genera and 12 families belonging to the order Solifugae.

This poem, which has never been published yet, is over two years old. I have been busy writing new stuff and publishing that instead. I still have 380 or so that are just hanging around, unpublished, waiting, languishing. Alas!

Spider Talk

So the spider says
come to me baby, never
mind the tall sawgrass,
the holes between us,
the snakes. Don't think of the snakes.
Don't think of the fangs
glistening, dripping
venom as they lie in wait
for you. Come to me.

March 9, 2010 8:14 PM


  1. There is a delicate stream of almost folk song twang to this.

    Then again we're talking about spiders and snakes (oh my). No matter, that I have both on my totem...they still inject a certain amount of fear however awe inspiring their tenacity. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Thanks for your words. I am happy to see you here.

  3. First off that isn't even real. You can see the fish hooks clearly trying to be passed off as fangs. Secondly, Camel spiders are only dangerous in that they can pinch you really hard and maybe scare you a little based on their appearance. They are not dangerous and have no toxic/venomous weaponry of any sort.

    1. I knew/know that Camel Spiders are not dangerous and at this point found proof that you are right. This particular photo is of a Camel Spider model created by Graham Owen per the information on this site...

    2. But that is the second photo, not the first one.

    3. Also, their top speed is more like 10 mph and they do hunt game their own size, such that the venom not harmful to us is harmful if you are a cricket or something like that.


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