Monday, September 26, 2011


In honor of those faster than light neutrinos who give some scientists pause. In honor of scientists I read of today who have pointed out that placental mammal genes governing the gestation of fetuses internally are a complex of relationships which entered the evolving stream all at once somehow. Something big is on the horizon now that the tags of earlier human migrations (not us but our earlier, older relatives) figure deeply in the experience of all of southeast asia, reaching all the way into Australia, but not universally, in a patchwork. Some here but not there, and all of that not the newer Asian strains of humanity that are the present inheritors of China and Japan, Korea and Mongolia. The southern migration path is definite now, and it met with Denisovan man and interbred. Denisovans left Africa much earlier even than the early homo sapien migration, and the men who became modern Asians in a later second migration from Africa. Something is stirring and we are learning ever more quickly what the state of our plight is.

I have begun in recent years a prayer discipline that touches on this in a personal way. I hope you will too.


Einstein’s desk released
the muse from the cage Newton
built of gravity.
This computer screen
has taken light speed to its
limit and reversed
the thrust of tachyons,
tearing spacetime’s thin fabric
in my bright fierce love.

December 19, 2009 11:25 PM

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