Friday, September 9, 2011

At The End In Chelsea

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"Only you and I can help the sun rise each coming morning. If we don't, it may drench itself out in sorrow." - Joan Baez

Joan Chandos-Baez (born January 9, 1941) is an American folk singer, songwriter, muscian and activist.  Baez has a distinctive vocal style, with a strong vibrato. Her recordings include many topical songs and material dealing with social issues.
Baez began her career performing in coffeehouses in Boston and Cambridge, and rose to fame as an unbilled performer at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. She began her recording career in 1960, and achieved immediate success. Her first three albums, Joan BaezJoan Baez, Vol. 2, and Joan Baez in Concert all achieved gold record status, and stayed on the charts for two years.

at the end of the day Lit. at the time when work or one's waking hours end.  I will have an answer at the end of the day. Will this be finished at the end of the day or before? 
2. Fig. when everything else has been taken into consideration. At the end of the day you will have to decide where you want to live. The committee interviewed many applicants for the post, but at the end of the day made no appointment.

One of my favorite blogger poets, a guy who writes maybe more than I do is Joseph Harker, producer of naming constellations Click on that link to see the poem that inspired this one.

At The End Of The Day In Chelsea
I watched you lift off
with your belly leading, you
showing your grand thought
was to sneak right out
us none the wiser for it.
I know what you did.
I stood back and gave
a small secret wave farewell
to the gassy smear
you had now become,
not caring much if you knew,
watching for angels.

Written September 9, 2011   3:30 PM


  1. This is such a lovely poem, Christopher. I can't think of a better word for it. It has such rhythm and resonance for me, especially given your inspiration and thoughts about Joan Baez, whose voice rings in my head as I read. Thanks.

  2. Well written Christopher. I like it!

  3. Elisabeth, I am happy for your comment which is very kind. I started with Joseph Harker's poem to which I replied with this one there, and then looked for likely ways to add something else by key phrases in Google. One thing led to another and Joan's quote crossed my ken, which of course led to my little gathering of data about her and the pictures.

    Thank you Jennifer. Love you.


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