Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1000 poems

I have just noticed that the number of poems listed in my "posted" directory has topped one thousand. Since I have been reprising earlier poems for some time I am certain it is accurate to say that I have posted over one thousand poems. Blogger says that I have 946 posts - 947 counting this one. In the early days I was posting two poems daily. I have 405 poems in the queue. :D This might be a life work. Found it. Find yours.


  1. That's a LOT of poems. A LOT of posts. You'll not be searching for blog content for a very long time :) Kinda strange to consider scheduling posts so far in advance that they continue after death. Hmmmm. Interesting.

  2. Er, I am going to die in less than 400 days?? :o

  3. Oh I get it. I meant life work in the other context, meaning the best thing I can possibly do to fulfill my destiny. How you know, it is easy and you know you ain't bad at it and rather often everything feels exactly right.

  4. Last comment - I am scheduling rather like cartoonists in the daily papers do - you work far ahead because otherwise the deadline horror is too much, especially if you want any vacations or something comes up.

  5. I laugh. This is not a job...this writing...this laying out our skin like fine paper we have mulched and pressed and clipped to the dry line. It is not our life's work. It is the record of our learning. It is the Reader for tomorrow's Learner.

    But what if I schedule my learning beyond my life breath...and my children were to read a post that connected with their moment in a way I could not have known. Now...just wouldn't that be hella something!

  6. life work! oh yes! mine is living! same same, isn't it?



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