Thursday, October 28, 2010


Taking the night off. Telling the truth is damned hard work. Walking on the edge of the cliff requires vigilance and calm in the face of the winds. Stuff is going on. I am joining in the changes. I love you all.


  1. Take care, and all the time you need.

    With love.

  2. Who said you were allowed:)

    What do you do then?
    Where do you go?
    How do you move around your home, your rooms?
    Do you wear slippers?
    Do you look out windows?
    Which music do you play?
    Do you watch tv?
    What do you eat?
    Where do you eat it?
    Do you have a favorite fork?
    What do you wear?
    Do you turn your heat on?
    Where are your lights, lamps?
    Do you read? How? Where?
    Do you wear glasses?
    Lick your finger to turn a page?
    Underline passages?
    What colours are on your walls?
    Do you have cracked linoleum? Rugs?
    Does your phone ring?
    Do you answer it?

    I have just released, although I know some of your inner workings, I don't know you. Know what I mean?

    Hope it was a relaxing evening.


  3. Erin, here are your answers...
    I refinanced my house, or started to, then I rested.

    To bed after a meeting and then dinner.

    I move in between the clutter piles and furniture and currently idle exercise equipment carefully, but usually dressed enough to go outside if I had to. I look longingly at my Yamaha Motif ES6 keyboard but do not stop to play.

    I usually wear a knock off of crocs, plastic slip on shoeware, no socks. I hate socks because they have learned to hate me.

    I keep most of my windows blinded most of the time except for the window that faces my bird feeder in the kitchen. It also faces the overgrown bamboo hedge that hides the neighbor's place.

    Currently I am listening to contemporary folk music on Pandora which brings up artists like Chris Smither, Simon and Garfunkel, Alison Kraus, Lucy Kaplansky, Brooks Williams, Leo Kottke, and Gregory Alan Issakov to name a few. I especially favor instrumental guitar solos as an old guitarist myself.

    I watch some tv and will confess that I fall asleep to it often. It goes all night. Currently I am "not watching" subscription movie channels. I am up and down all night but would be whether the tv was on or not. Sometimes I leave the music on instead. Or leave it quiet. It's all the same.

    I eat most often sold prepared food, the expensive kinds you can find in some better stores. I will cook simple things. One of my favorites lately is to chop and saute a whole big yellow onion and eat that with a couple polish sausages. In the morning I eat eggs, bread and butter and a cup of hot chocolate. At lunch a slice of cheese and summer sausage and some dill pickles.

    I eat where I am but breakfast is always at table. I have a tv table or space for a plate here at the computer.

    I have no favorite fork, but I keep washing and recycling the same few forks and knives and such rather than letting the dishes pile up.

    T-shirts and running pants.

    I have the heat set at 55 F or if it is really needed, then 65 F. A natural gas forced air furnace serves all the rooms but I have the spare bedroom shut and the register closed.

    Mostly indirect lighting and localized, using florescent bulbs.

    I read a little every day, especially at breakfast, currently reading the Autistic Temple Grandin writing about animals from her professional perspective.

    I used to only wear readers, but my eyes went wonky, probably because I am low level diabetic and now I have my first pair of bifocals and have to use glasses to see well in the distance for the first time in my life.

    I don't lick my fingers to turn a page (but sometimes I wish I would remember to).

    I only underline or highlight books when I am ego invested in what I am learning.

    My walls are all off white, a color my mother chose and I don't care.

    I have linoleum in kitchen and bath, and rug elsewhere in the house. The lino is not cracked.

    My phone seldom rings and I always answer if I can. I forward my home phone to my cel, and I call Canada for free from my home phone. I will send you the number if you like.

  4. Christopher, you make me smile, and uneasy. Isn't that funny? Do you know what makes me uneasy? That you say you don't care about even the most trivial of things like paint colour. Somehow those words, I don't care, even when associated to incidental things like this, are hard to me.

    I will look at this more from time to time to see you. It is good for us to learn of one another.

    I laugh. I so do not use the phone. Less and less. I do not answer it when it rings. I truly do not like it:)

    I do believe you know yourself.

    Thank you for humoring me.



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