Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Field Theory II

A theoretical M theory multiverse. One of the bubbles is ours. This is theoretical. It is background radiation bubbles that we see in this picture. We cannot see past the background radiation. The universe goes opaque at that point, with all the light trapped along with everything else because the distances are too small and everything is too hot. The background radiation was the first thing that can now be seen when the universe went transparent. It is very far away which is equivalent to saying it was a long time ago. This is because it is space/time and there is no real separation. Light travels about 6 trillion miles in a year. Almost 14 billion years ago the universe formed and in less than half a million years became transparent. So something around 13.7 billion light years is the location of the background radiation in every direction.

So today this is a science blog and the poem is a science poem. It won't last long. Tomorrow is Three Word Wednesday and I am hopefully going to post a poem freshly written to use the three words.

"The goal of becoming a better person is within the reach of us all, at every moment. The tool for emerging from the primitive yoke of conditioned responses to the tangible freedom of the conscious life lies just behind our brow. We need only invoke the power of mindful awareness in any action of body, speech, or mind to elevate that action from the unconscious reflex of a trained creature to the awakened choice of a human being who is guided to a higher life by wisdom."
- Andrew Olendzki
Unlimiting Mind

Field Theory II

The long redaction
of strings reaches past the rays,
motion faster than
little dots of stranger light,
lonely hordes, photons
all, corpuscular
at this precious momentum
but field theory
holds firm just the same.

July 29, 2009 10:11 AM

The poem is titled Field Theory II because I used the title in another poem. That one was about losing love after working to insure its presence in my life. This poem is about connection. If field theory holds firm then there is a way that each little photon is connected to all the other photons. Indeed, when you look at the situation in a certain way, just as there is only one electron manifesting in uncountable ways, there is only one photon also manifesting in uncountable ways. Perhaps there is only one of us too, manifesting in uncountable ways. There is no us. There is only one. There can be only one. This sounds like the Highlander story.


  1. I love the photo! I also love talk like this, as it spins me out in space. And when i ever sit down with you, i would like you to explain it over and over again in uncountable ways, maybe then...
    i will somehow for a moment, hold firm, and know it all.

  2. I just missed you, shutting down for the night right before you wrote your comment. Oh well. Just two parallel universes passing in the night...

  3. I am sorry for your thoughts on being a thorn in the side of your parents. We all at one time or another become so. The glory of it all is they still love you.
    Much thanks for stopping by and reading my work.


  4. I had made the comment on Melanie's blog that I had no children and that this disappointed my mother who wanted grandchildren. That's what she is referring to here.

    My parents may still love me, but they do so at a distance. They both died in 2001.

  5. I've long held the 'all are One' theory. Nice to see it complete with a scientific diatribe!

  6. The etymology of universe would suggest in my opinion uni=one while verse=veritas=truth. But wiki says that vertere meant something rotated, rolled or changed, thus "all rolled into one". In that sense, then all is one. You mean it much more profoundly, I think. M theory does not say all is one, but in fact says many universes, an uncounted number with most being profoundly different from one another, and inaccessible except by theory.


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