Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Abyss Love Heals

The Road To The Volcano

Author: c-man

I want this to be true so much I have decided to believe it so. That's risky, but what the hey!

The Abyss Love Heals

I found an abyss.
I tripped at its ragged edge,
a near fall, terror.
Oh man, that yawning
is a gap in me though it
looks like it's outside.

Then I tried on blame,
your fault or mine, anyone's
but no fault to find.

Can I run? Or hide?
Can't I just fall into sleep?
Why not play more games?
That's when you told me
Love would work around, weaving
A healing poultice.

Even though no blame,
you tell me I must forgive
to build my true bridge.

July 30, 2009 12:44 PM


  1. Blame is the go to fall guy...who matters little, for what point is pointing fingers? A finger can only be walked the three inches it spans. A bridge can cross divides, built of the tender tinder of forgiveness, yet somehow stronger than steel.

  2. There are people, and I used to be one of them, who rely on fault finding for well being. If my experience is good enough to generalize, then the blamers rarely feel like that's what they do. Instead they genuinely see the blame as a sort of reality in some way. I sure did. It took a special kind of waking up to realize how miraculous it was that it was never really my fault. Someone had to be at fault. I still tend to duck it, but I don't get away with it very well any more.

    "Whenever I am disturbed, there is always something wrong with me." This is deeply true, no matter how much others may have a part in things.

    "If you wish for enlightenment, somewhere along the way, you have to lighten up."

  3. Wanting it to be true, I’d take the risk too. Looking for who’s fault it is, is a waste of time. Very good. Thank you

  4. I like these thought provoking poems.I have a formulated a fairly simplistic view on matters of forgiveness and blame based on personal experience and a considerably extensive reading list. Believing the existentialist view
    "L'enfer, c'est les autres" Sartre.
    "Hell is other people." The solution for me is:Remove all toxic people from your life and learn to love solitude and its magical gifts.

    Forgetting is more important than forgiving.
    'To err is human, to forgive is divine' so leave that one to a higher power. And most importantly keep on dancin'.

  5. Hmmm. If Hell is other people, then so Heaven is too. To withdraw seems impossible if people are that important. Indeed it is my experience that though the price is steep we are each others' salvation. There really doesn't seem to be much choice in this matter. Most of us try to limit the crowd to a manageable few. There are places though where the doors open fairly wide and the many are accepted if they choose to enter. I have found some of those and it is my experience that I do better with them than without.

    The principal tools are acceptance and forgiveness. Without them it is impossible to love in the large.

  6. Well, there, we differ. Am not interested in loving in the large.
    Love few and love well.Discernment
    is my religion. Different strokes for different folks!You'd make a lousy exstentialist:)

  7. I was an existential phenomenologist in the long ago past, but you are truly right in the sense I learned through experience that we are radically not alone. So if you are serious existentialist then we are not in the same camp. I am far too much mahayana buddhist in sentiment though not in path and I follow the bodhisattva ideal in my intent as the best way to live that I know.


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