Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Three Word Challenge

This critter appears to be meditating. I am pleased to think that a spiritual life appears among the four-footeds. If it is not true, then it ought to be. There is something to the relations of them to us. Aboriginal spirituality in general includes our spirit connections to animal spirits, mainly for good, and often for healing. First nation people often quest after an experience that reveals which animal spirit is primary in their spirit lives. Astrology associates beings with signs, like the Ram with Aries. As a Scorpio, I am associated with the Peregrine Falcon, not only the Scorpion. Witches have their familiars, spirit creatures through which certain visions and powers are enhanced.

"What good, what lasting good is there in me? Is there nothing else between birth and death but what I can get out of this perversity - only a favorable balance of disorderly emotions? No freedom? Only impulses? And what about all the good I have in my heart - does it mean anything? Is it simply a joke? A false hope that makes a man feel the illusion of worth? And so he goes on with his struggles. But this good is no phony. I know it isn't. I swear it."
- Saul Bellow

I am breaking my rule with this poem so I can add a reference to this post on the Three Word Wednesday site, one of the many places where creative writers gather to share the craft. This is one of the most amazing gifts of the Internet. Writing is a solitary activity. The ease with which writers gather dynamically with one another now that the Internet permits it is a brand new experience on the planet. It is highly likely to have an impact over time that we can associate like this. My rule has been to publish the oldest poems first, and I am still in July of last year. This poem I wrote today as noted at the bottom.

A Three Word Challenge
(use abstain, halo, prayer, in a poem)

Two syllable words,
a triune group, a challenge,
how do I get there?

How from here shall I
use the word "abstain" and not
place it next to me,
withold myself as
you asked, with all perfection,
earning a "halo"
and wings and the right
to kneel in "prayer" as if
I have found myself?

August 26, 2010 8:43 AM


  1. Love the photo... and i too believe in the animal messengers X:-)

  2. Hello, nollyposh. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Love animals, and feel a deep connection. The poem flows, and it's a pleasant read, great use of the prompts...and I totally get what you mean about the internet and writing. This is just wonderful to be able to put it out there and get feedback. :)

  4. That's the point of community, to receive and give, to stay in touch. That takes more than just posting. If one just posts, it will be more like the real world experience of publishing sans the book tours and like that. The world of blogs doesn't hold still, so if you wish to keep things flowing you will have to work at it. The counters I use give me a better signal than the comments do and right now I am running around twenty hits a day. The people who were regular last year, several of them don't blog any more, and some who were regular are now intermittent as life changes move them around. Joining up with 3WW or some other poetry community site is surely a good choice to generate conversation.

    I think poetry is more for people who write than for people who read.

  5. there is always the how but you've done wonderfully with the 3ww words - sort of reminding me that it isn't important of how you write as long you write

  6. Well said, and your prelude to the poem was most entertaining.

    The World of Lost Souls

  7. lissa, what happened for me, I liked the words as a group. W/out knowing what I was going to write, I knew they fit together. My practice is quick poems anyway, much like a cartoonist drafts quickly. I often write them in less than fifteen minutes. I know I am not the only one to do this and know a guy who writes nearly as fast with much more complexity and attention to form. I do have a form but for me it is a simple one, based on the haiku syllable count. And yes, writing is a practice, and like music, it is better if I write every day. Even better is a poem a day. Even better, two.

  8. Coraline, thank you. I hope that I collect and post subtle themes but often it is just stuff I like. This post I think has a theme to it.


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