Monday, August 30, 2010

A Lifetime

Where we stood, once, on the shore of a long time dream

Who you were once, standing windblown on that lake shore in the time before this one


This is an old and familiar love.

A Lifetime

I lie where I can
touch your breasts as reminders
of those days and you
permit it, my old
familiar touch when it comes.
I hum low and deep
in my baritone
as I caress these deep dreams
reaching to the start
of things for us so
many years ago, decades,
in this timeless day.

July 6, 2009 1:46 PM


  1. Whole lifetimes captured in so few words.

  2. A strange, enchanted boy sings of those things he cannot be sure are true.

  3. Very good. I’m wanting to go back and start over again.

  4. I used to feel like that a lot. Something has changed. I am of the age, I guess. I hurry if I hurry at all toward the other end now, the gravity pulls that way. The body gets too uncomfortable as is with no chance of going back for it to be otherwise. But maybe that's just me. Carlos Casteneda taught me decades ago that death is not my enemy.

  5. Ooohhhh~

    Why is it that we can't stand on the shore in the breeze forever? Why can't we be born into that moment and die then, too? I feel that sometimes, you know, perfection of a time, and then I look out and say, can I die now? It would be ok.

    But I know, I know, all grown up and stuff.

    But there is something of that moment, something inside of these lines, that makes me want to stop. Beauty, I suppose.


  6. lost loves....makes me a little sad.

  7. Erin, my very good friend...That happened to me as an acid head. I wanted to get high and never come back down. You would have to have been there. It made sense at the time, and no one knew in 1966 what was coming down the pike yet. No one taking acid these days would think like we thought then.

    I am not belittling your sentiment. You already know that you can't live there. The lover who gave me the gift of this poetry also gave me the desire to somehow manifest this beauty in the here and now. Yes, I too think it is beauty we want to capture and live within. Living within beauty is a source of grace at the human level, the kind of grace we can pass back and forth between us. It is one of the best evidences I know of, this kind of graciousness, evidence for the presence of the divine in the deep of the human soul.

    And so the next comment is from one who calls herself Beauty. Welcome, my lady. I hope you find here something that compels you to reach for your own best work. I have visited your site briefly. Tell me more.

  8. Somehow it being an acid trip makes me want to hold to it no less. Know what I mean? It is the experience of it, the belief in it, what it reveals that is important. That you shared the love just makes it all the more important:)


  9. Telling you of the acid does not lessen the experience as it is but it does raise up the impermanence of it. Acid often seems like forever but you come back down in twelve hours or so. You leave what happened there behind except for certain tantalizing threads of possibility. It was collecting those threads and trying to max the twelve hours, increasing it to even thirteen, even just that little bit, that consumed me in those days.

    Love you, my friend.


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