Saturday, August 14, 2010

Snuffing The Air

I write of bears quite often it seems. I guess I relate to them somehow. I have been wondering lately how it all will turn out. Poor Mr. Bear. He will have to eat salmon alone it looks like. Lately I have found that not such a bad deal, myself.

I found myself unwilling to spend much time on the computer in the last couple days. But then wonder of wonders, an unsecured network close enough by. Now I am for an unknown time a member of the internet community. My renter in the back has been using this network for a while and thinks it is going to be stable for a while. With the absences growing in my circle, I suppose I will cast further out now as time allows.

I have written five more poems today. This little spurt of creativity continues, thanks to the websites that I visit, you friends who inspire me. I pray all my friends find their heart’s delight.

Snuffing The Air

Bear waddles along
snuffing the air for berries,
wishing she would give
him a chance. He knows
where salmon jump upriver,
would tell her, whisper
in her ear just so
but her ruffled fur proves it.
He's in a losing

June 26, 2009 11:43 AM


  1. I'm glad inspiration comes for you. I find it very difficult in this heat and friction to find myself and as a consequence I got nothin'. And so I look to fall when the bears start to get hungry.

    I think of bears a lot. I walk where I maybe shouldn't, run further in where I know I really shouldn't. Last night after a half assed run through the woods I stopped at a river. The water's down. I was able to go halfway into this usually large and tumultous river and sit the smooth rocks, tip my head into what is left of the rapids. When I lifted my head three animals made their way toward me on the rocks. Just three dogs, their owner quiet behind the trees opening his mouth and calling to them but I could only hear the spill of the river, see his mouth move. I thought, Erin, this is how it will be with a bear, you know. You'll never hear him coming. And it will hurt when he bites your leg.

    But I will keep walking where perhaps I shouldn't and I will run deeper into the forest. What else is there?

    I maintain, there is a she-bear out there for you:)


  2. Well, I don't know. I think the bear would rather do a bear dance on the edge of the river and do honor to the beauty of your form all draped on the rocks - then howl a bear howl of joy.

    I have no idea how to find that she-bear and don't intend to roll over rocks looking for the spoor either. The obvious trails are all empty space and have been for a long while.

  3. just when we lose some games, we will win some others...


  4. Hi, my friend. Some people say when one door closes another opens.

  5. Bear, i have a question for you.
    I was picking blueberries this weekend, as it is what bears do. My human form, enjoyed all the wonderful surroundings, but in my dreams at night or even when i close my eyes, all i see is blueberries. Don and i talked about this, he has it too, and it only happens with blue berries.
    Do you have an explanation?

  6. Blueberries in a bowl or bluberries on the bush?

    One means human, the other, bear.

    Other than that, I have no idea.

    Blueberries in a muffin, holy sh*t! To die for! I had to quit eating the muffins. I can't eat just one...


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