Friday, July 16, 2010

The Journey To Your Heart

Strangely like the hologram of today, there is an ancient image from India, Indra’s Net. Indra is, with Varuna and Mitra, the Adityas - the trinity of the principal Devas. Indra is also Devendra, Lord of the Devas (Dev-endra). He is a smiter of obstacles and He gave being to the Sun and Morning. He is King of the gods (that is if gods are ruled, then Indra rules) and He is then likened to Thor in Norse and Zeus in Greek mythologies. He is God of War, Storms, and Rainfall. There is much more. We carry the meaning of the word Deva in English when we say Divine.

Later the Mahayana Buddhists developed a vision of the emptiness, dependent origination, and interpenetration of things, taking Indra’s Net as the metaphor. This developed vision appeared in the third century. In the Hindu world view of the ancients, Indra’s Net hangs over his palace on Mount Meru. Mount Meru is like Mount Olympus for the Greeks, the axis of the world. There are jewels of a magical cut at each vertex of the net and so each jewel contains within it the reflections of every other jewel (and this is where scientists are amused that the concept of the hologram is really really old in theology). That is how the world holds together, held in Indra’s Net.

This means that if you remove the net, the world dissolves into the original emptiness, the chaos of pure potential. What we call real is actually emptiness, dependent origination, and interpenetration projected holographically. What we call real is the projection Indra's Net, the covering of His palace on Mount Meru so long as He allows the sun and the morning, war and the storms continuance, so long as He choses to smite the obstacles and does not take down and fold His net.

Thank God for Wiki. Wiki lets me say all this with some degree of accuracy.

The Journey To Your Heart

When I think I am
like everybody else
then someone says not,
and when I think I'm
different, that's when someone
says, Fool, there's no way!
This is like jewels
in the sky flashing colors
in the changing light.

I have seen your heart
and bathed in the warm waters
I crossed to find you.

June 13, 2009 2:44 PM


  1. Divine, this poem. I write it down and i'll paint it.

  2. Ghost, I saw where I am in that map but could not trace the lines back to you. Still up to your old tricks, I see.

    I am happy to know you are still floating in the ether.


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