Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Can Almost

I am not only capable with my hands in massage. I can also use my hands beyond the body in energy work. I have that kind of confidence. I also have received this kind of work and find it at least as effective as straight massage in certain situations. I am grateful to live in a body that allows for effective poetry, music, dance and touching. Actually dance is now beyond me in most ways. In my younger years I could play my body in dance very much like another musical instrument. That is a highly aerobic activity.

In high school I did musicals. I loved the chance to dance on stage. I loved the kind of partnership that stage dancing offered. I have never had a lithe dancer’s body.

The thing about energy work, it is effective but there is no good theory to back it up, at least nothing that works scientifically, not that I know of, not that passes my test as science. I don’t really care. I have engaged in more than a few practices that are like that. I don’t expect that science will ever actually take things like magic and find a place for them. I believe the whole basis for science precludes certain parts of our human world. Only idiots decide at that point that science then denies them. That is not science but instead a kind of religious dogmatism you might call scientism. I believe that sort of thing is a mistake wherever it is found.

I Can Almost

I can almost taste
the salt past, the lemon day,
the strawberry dream
of days yet to come.
I can almost see flowers
move seductively
as they tease the bees
into doing their deep bidding.
I can almost feel
your arms as they move
gently above my prone form,
stirring the near air.

June 18, 2009 12:20 PM


  1. 0 comments?? But this is just completely, absolutely lovely. There. You have a comment now.

  2. Rachel, It is as I sow, so I reap. I am not getting around to other blogs and commenting anymore, or not much. I count twenty hits a day or so on the counters. My readers are choosing not to comment. What I do most often is read in the Google reader. To go to the blog is an extra step when I do that. I don't think the reader tips the counters so I guess I don't even show up that way.

    Part of the reason for this is my unwillingness to pay for high speed access. I refuse to spend that kind of money on this stuff. Getting to the blogs requires patience of the sort you do by bringing up solitaire while you wait. That is also why I have not gone to using music or photos on my blog.

    I work for a major corporation and they won't put in high speed either. Corporate business runs at 56k. But my house phone lines are old and corrupt. They won't go that fast. They go at 27k.


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