Monday, March 27, 2017

Turbulence Is Mine

A Bad Day*

"Turbulence is mine",
Sayeth the Lord of the Flies
And I fell for it.

Sorting me out from
The whole food fad grinding up
My locality,
I sneak a candy
Bar, a Milky Way, of course,
And suck a filling
From the last molar
In my upper wisecracking
Worn out dentition.

"What a full on sack
Of crap". I snarl as I suck
On that bottomless
Hole in my fat head.

27 March 2017

This didn't really happen today but I have had this experience, sort of. My last dental visit a few days ago had the dentist fill three upper and two lower worn out teeth on my left side at one time with a composite resin that bonds so well these days that there was no need for any more than a serious disinfecting and drying out of the gaps. Thus all was painless and pretty quick too.

Possibly because I am an ancient of days, the dentist figured that this simple procedure was enough because I will die sooner than the fillings will wear out. Cavities caused by infections are no longer my problem. Teeth wearing out is the problem now. Hmmm.

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  1. Losing a filling on a Milky Way, that's a bit desperate!

    Thanks for stopping by on my cheerio post, I've published and and responded. I've very much appreciated your blog friendship over the years too, and wish you peace, good life and pain free dentist's visits for a long while yet!


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