Monday, August 15, 2016

Goat Love

So you decided
to keep goats and let them roam
the cliff back of us
while you hung out on
Facebook with all your cyber
friends and I wandered
off from time to time.

You got four but then one was
stolen - Who would take
a goat anyway?
Two had paired. The white goat left
alone began to
bleat so hauntingly
we tried to comfort her, then
threw her off that cliff
when she died of it.

‎August ‎15, ‎2016 6:51 PM

In case the typo has passed through to your display in the first line... What appears to me as Soyou I wrote so you. I have tried. I have seen that I can do this phrase anywhere in the poem except on that line. I have tried to fix the display many different ways. But this is the poem I want to write with that precise line as the first line. It is the only place that for me So you comes out on the display lacking the space. For that matter, I put twenty spaces there once to see and they all dropped away to soyou. WTF?? This has never happened before and it apparently does not happen on any other line. If I want, I can make it disappear by taking the Title down into the body of the post, which moves the first line off that particular location. It goes fine then but that is not what I want. There must be a reason for this loss of a space that only happens in this phrase. God knows. I don't. But this is the post as I wanted it, so I am explaining... this poem is appearing with the first line as the computer insists it should be while the post's layout is as I insist it should be and that's that. This is the computer's idea of a joke.


  1. It matters whether you're on html or visual mode.

  2. Yes... the glitch is in the visual display. It was originally in all displays but I tried to fix. It did fix and is fixed in html. The fix won't pass through to the visual.

  3. It might have a bit to do with Word Press's idea of SpellCheck. From what I've read, it can be pretty aggressive and often obscene, trying to put their choice for words in your mouth, so to speak. Is there a way to turn it off?
    That is strange, though. One more reason I don't use WordPress, as much as I'd like to.

  4. As far as I know there is no WordPress anywhere in this situation on my part. I don't use WordPress.

    1. I write my poetry on WordPad because I have no fancy anything in it - simple font... simple format...

    2. lol sorry I get so used to WordPress glitches I start thinking Im the only one in the world who doesnt use it.
      (ducks head. Shuffles away)

  5. ha a most wonderful poem, I love it, even for it's sudden sad ending. Christopher, i realize this is all august stuff, it is Oct. now, how are you?


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