Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Looked Better

I don't know how many people have this experience but I know the essence of it happens at least once in every life. This is the experience where you thought you had a good plan and then everything went south, as they say. You are left holding a smelly damn bag and there is nothing for it but to cut and run or face really rotten music.

That's the basic plot of a whole bunch of stories and movies for a very good reason.

Looked Better
In The Planning

I'm on the river
with you in the other boat,
me in the canoe
we kept at the barn.

Not too sure what will come next
from up the far bend
but certain it's no
good news for us on this day.
Should not have robbed no
Goddamned bank and should
have planned more better
the getaway, like
using the river's worse than
stealing a damn train.

Think about that, Bro.
The train goes one of two ways,
but we can go just
one - down the river.

Their blood hounds won't let us hide,
not anywhere near.

‎November ‎10, ‎2015 12:49 PM


  1. Nothing new

    Just one of them days
    And they say
    You can start your day
    Any time you want
    I call
    Ain't no
    Way out of it
    Gotta take your lumps
    Now and again
    No matter that I
    Meant well
    Meant well don't foot the bill
    And that bill
    Is over due
    I in this boat
    And you in your canoe
    Up shit creek
    With no paddle
    Well at least
    It's nothing new

    Chris McQueeney ©2015

    1. I had Butch and Sundance and "Who are those guys??" in mind when I wrote this.


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