Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Hot Mess - Three Word Wednesday

Today Thom has offered

on his Three Word Wednesday blog.

Go there, young aspiring writer, to find the rules and join in or else enjoy the work of the other participants.

A Hot Mess

Once again I have
wandered ragged all night long
when I should have slept.
No use threatening
me with the consequences
you usually
throw at me, lover.
I am already beating
myself down, turning
me less than human
and more like a damn hot mess -
an unsightly show
of bad decisions
on top of bad decisions.
I am not worthy!

‎November ‎4, ‎2015 7:08 AM


  1. I get that feeling sometimes. Not often though.Great write.

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  2. Pet-peeve

    If I were worthy
    Would you still
    Want me
    Would you still
    flaunt me
    Would we survive
    The demise
    Of your pet project
    Were I not your
    Would you leave
    Me stranded in some
    Public place
    With the taste
    Of abandonment
    And the smell
    Of betrayal
    On the air
    Were I worthy
    Would you leave me be
    Free to be
    Someone else's

    Chris McQueeney 2015

    You know I don't like rules...

    1. Too bad. Rules are everywhere where several humans have learned to cooperate with each other in order to do meaningful work. Equally true of wordsmithing once you get to publishing, which is why a person can assemble a whole college level course on it.

  3. Lol, actually I couldn't fucking remember the three words and was gripped by the poem that emerged on it's own...I actually like participating with 3WW

  4. Hot mess can lead to good poems - QED! although a good night's sleep is the cat's grumpy face may imply!

    1. Poor grumpy cat. A cash cat of sorts. She actually isn't grumpy at all according to her web site.


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