Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Scene of the Crime - A Magpie Tale

Image chosen by Tess for today's Magpie Tale, Mag 280. Click on the link to see other responses to this image of a face down metallic giant. By the looks of things this summer is a busy one since there are not so many contributors this morning.

The Scene of the Crime

The gray of fallen
things seems leached from the lead sky
and washed by the rain,
draining back into
the gated river beyond dreams
of warmer places
themselves sucked and parched,
wrinkled and wizened and dried
from the wave action
of the neighboring
and turbulent salt laced sea.

In such disturbance
I find you face down
and partial, streaked and drilled through
one hundred five times.

‎July ‎26, ‎2015 11:07 AM


  1. I kept looking at that head, so beautifully rendered, and I thought of this:

    he kisses the earth
    and the earth

  2. Well done, from the title to the final line.

  3. Thank you for your kindnesses, my friends. I recognize all the names and some of you more than that. The internet can be a friendly place.

  4. nicely done- well thought out.

  5. Beautiful writing, Christopher...

  6. Wrinkled and wizened and dried...delicious...

  7. We need to figure out that friggin sea. DOWN WITH THE SALT LACED SEA. no more gray for me


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