Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stella - Three Word Wednesday

Written for Three Word Wednesday. Check out the creativity of all the other participants using the links you find there.

This portrait is true except she is a happy dog, neither dark inside nor lonely. She does find me boring. I am sure of that. Also, while this image is a good likeness, it is not of Stella. Neither image is actually of Stella but both capture something of her mien.

Stella, The Half Irish Wolfhound

This dog is dark both
inside and out and graying
in the eyebrow hair.
She appears lonely
most times and finds me boring
no doubt because I
do not move so good
these days and though she's older
she can still run, run
til her heart explodes
and her tongue hangs halfway down
to the gray wood deck.

‎July ‎15, ‎2015 9:56 AM


  1. She sounds like a much loved companion.

  2. Stella was the long time dog in the family of a woman who rented the upstairs room. Her son could no longer keep the dog and Francesca, the woman who owns the house said she would take the dog if it was a permanent adoption. That's what happened. About the same time I moved here a couple years ago a cat decided to move here too. Since I have been a cat person all my life I took the responsibility of looking after the feeding and watering of the cat. So Francesca has Stella and I have Celeste. But really, everyone here is voluntary and independent in their own way. Stella gets frequent walks but not with me, sad to say. Just a year ago I was walking Stella but no more. Probably nevermore, quothe the raven.

  3. She sounds like the best of companions - stella(r) in all meanings of the word..good to see you Christopher


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